Join hosts Nina and Reno as they humorously navigate the World of Science with their smartass producer, Mike.

Last episode we brought you tales of we bring you tails of animals.  Oh yes we did!

Animals are just as crazy as humans, if not more.  Although, since we're the ones studying them, can we really say the evidence isn't biased by the observer?


Cats know their names even if they pretend not to


People in New Jersey are getting high off catnip


A toxic garbage fire in Arkansas


Some birds set their prey on fire


A special kind of jellyfish


A woman had 4 bees living in her eyes


Bullet proof spider silk


Genetically modified mosquitoes


Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal


Six Degrees presents you with episode 86 - tales of humanity.  Oh, how crazy we are.


A cop can't pull you over for flipping them off


Phasing out gas powered leaf blowers in DC


A material that cancels sound


Herbalist is jailed for replacing insulin treatments with lavender oil


This woman can smell Parkinson's


Anger can be contagious



Death metal doesn't desensitize you to violent imagery


A minister of loneliness!?


Under employers' gaze, Gen Z is biting its tongue


China's social credit system


Another article on anxiety


Have you ever wondered why animals act or look the way they do? What about those really rare strange type of animals you never knew existed—and now that you know, you’re terrified!? Well, Six Degrees covers them all in episode 85, from discussing squirrels of unexpected colors to why zebras have stripes. Oh, and some unborn sharks are cannibals…



Flying squirrels glow in the dark


The answer to why zebras have stripes


Baby sharks are hungry....REALLY HUNGRY


Dracula ants


Scientists create the first successful biohybrid


Printed hemp homes


Is organic food worse for the climate?


Cigarettes are the largest source of ocean trash


A photosynthesis shortcut

It's 1984!  Yes, that's right, you are about to experience the Six Degrees episode bearing that name, BUT ALSO, looking at scientific trends these days, we are apparently living in the horrifying society from the prophetic dystopian novel!  Join hosts Reno and Nina (who are both experts on 1984 since they were born then) as they discuss all of technology's beautiful and terrifying capabilities.  Oh, and producer Mike gets to sing the terminator theme a lot.



Self Driving Cars


Conscious robots with insect brains


Psychedelic parasites


LSD attacks


Robots that sleep and dream perform better



AI can tell if you're gay or straight


Odor free underwear


Shrink rays!


New "dumb phone" can cure your app addiction


Live vicariously through a human uber


Cuteness overload and what it does to some people's brains


Alzheimer's can't destroy memories of good music


Why silence is vital for your brain

Enjoy our last episode of the year!

Six Degrees wraps up the year with random articles that are somehow crazier and more fantastical than all the articles of 2018 combined.  China makes plans to launch a second moon, nanorobots are now capable of drilling drugs directly into your eyes, and anti-vaxxers strike once more before 2019.

Hope you have a happy new year!

Much to Reno’s dismay, it’s the Holiday Season!  Take a listen as Host Reno Gorman lists all the reasons why he doesn’t like Christmas while Host Nina Boyd and their Producer Mike tell him he’s wrong. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Episode 81 10/01/18

In episode 81 (the second installment of a two part episode) Six Degrees covers the "nurture" side of "nature vs. nurture."  This installment is the darker of the two--well, except for the cannibalism in the first installment!--and includes such gems as a vending machine dispensing crack pipes, street corner urinals shaped like mailboxes, and what happens when you leave contact lenses in for twenty-eight years.




Six Degrees had so many good articles this time around, we decided to record TWO episodes at once!  This first of the two has a more positive bent, and is the "nature" side of "nature vs. nurture" if you will (and Reno will).  Learn why elephants get cancer less often than other mammals, how producer Mike would deal with a robot begging for its life, and oh--just so things don't get too serious, Six Degrees also discusses the culinary experiences that ensue following an amputation.



Six Degrees welcomes Reno's brother on their 79th episode!  Chris is like Reno but with less Reno and more Chris.

This episode is a collection of articles demonstrating how amazing - and how terrifying - science is getting: reattaching legs backwards, growing brains with Neanderthal DNA, getting pregnant by eating undercooked's a strange and beautiful world we live in.

Also, a shout out to Jason Ryerson, one of our listeners who met Reno recently :D

Join Six Degrees for producer Mike's longest episode, in which he is so angry his co-hosts started late that he cuts them off even before their first segue...

The world doesn't disappoint in its strangeness; this episode's articles range from trying to prove small talk can actually be interesting to how a turtle can breathe through its genitals.  Oh, and did you already think platypuses (platypi...) were impossibly weird?  Well, prepare yourself to be blown away yet again by their bizarre genetic make up.